The platform concentrates on extracting the maximum value from our customers data. It handles every task from the initial ingestion process from any data source, cleaning and preparing diverse data, post ingestion enrichment and KPI creation, through to serving data out for operational use and analysis.

Perception doesn’t penalize you financially for data growth, as licensing is not based upon volume of data. It also offers a better ROI than standalone Hadoop deployments.

Key Features

Engaging a single vendor, enables end-to-end management of data. This in turn helps to realise its full value.

Ability to integrate with existing investments such as Hadoop, data warehouses, visualization tools.

Apart from analysing huge amount data, it enables full coordination and synchronization across different platforms.

Modular and multi-layered platform from data ingestion, through enrichment to executable analysis.

Utilizing latest approach to containerization, which permits fast deployments and responsive scale.

Near Real-time Analytics on Load, providing KPIs and insightful data in minutes not hours/days.

Load once - write many means data is served one time and where it’s needed most.

Post-load Data is ready and waiting for best in class Analytics to be performed over it – using Cardinality’s Easy to use functionality, or via industry standard tool.

Offers insight into network operations. Reduces costs associated with resource utilization and network downtime.

Gathers and correlates data from multiple sources. Facilitates capacity planning, application deployment and troubleshooting.

Faster RCA. Detect performance problems. Determine whether it originated in the network or an application.

Empowers staff to be more proactive and productive. During times of network or application failure they can quickly perform the root cause analysis.

Network level all the way down to the segment of one.

Marketing, reporting by demographic classifications, tariff life cycle, usage profile, satisfaction level, value profile and many other ways of exploring and understanding your customer.

Understand financial priorities. Who spends what and where – focus investment where it delivers the most. Know your network and the customer as never before.

Detect fraud. Identify unusual usage and spending profiles in near real time.

Power of Connected Data