The Analytics Engine can read data from any source on the platform, embed or integrate to your applications, and extract valuable information for consumption. Complex, sets of queries can be linked so that new insights can be delivered to the business. These can be executed Ad-Hoc, or via a schedule.

Our powerful analytics engine ensures quick processing and satisfaction to customers. We propel performance for large data volumes and real time analytics with hardware acceleration technology at lower cost.

Key Features

Connect to existing Hadoop clusters and run out-of-box SPARK queries.

Efficiently create, edit and schedule queries.

Easily builds reports using billions of rows rather than millions/thousands.

Leverage the existing SQL experience, whilst generating native SPARK framework.

Write outputs to any known data stores or multiple stores in a single process.

Create end-2-end repeatable @scale reports using SPARK.

Bring power of scale to Tableau, Zoomdata, Microstrategy deployments.

Can be deployed on one Server.

Full implementation of ANSI SQL.

Daisy Chain complex queries.

Project driven approach, support for team structures, sharing queries and grouping queries in projects.

AE is a generic tool, which proves its performance and capacity by forming the backbone of all core KPI and metric generation across all of Cardinality’s toolset.